TrackYourCity is the first step for your city, to solve the transport issues of the 21st century. With you, we map the transport system of your city, organize a network of people dedicated to take action, and work with you on finding sustainable solutions for the future of your city.

Organize a network of enthusiasts willing to take action

Track the whole public transport system in your city

Publish and open the data on OpenStreetMap

Case Study

Dar Es Salaam

In August 2015 we helped to put Dar es Salaam on the map!

It all starts with a need and an idea. Julia Seifert was riding a Daladala (minibus) while reading a magazine featuring the ally app. She thought it would be great to have it in Dar, got in touch with us and like magic, the need became the great idea!

Mapping Dar es Salaam

To make sense of the challenges a map of the city was needed. Previous efforts proved unfruitful until 2015 when, kicked off by Ramani Huria and its Drone Imagery, the enterprise to comprehensively map the whole Dar Es Salaam became a possibility. Together the World Bank, several Red Cross chapters, HOTOSM, the University of Munich and many stakeholders, among them ally, made it a reality. Here is the evolution!

Tracking the routes

Enthusiastic students from the University of Dar assembled to conquer the Daladalas. Equipped with a gps tracker off they went to ride the buses, route by route until all were tracked. Here are their efforts.

Open-sourcing the routes

Together, ally and the World Bank Innovation team edit and open the data in OpenStreetMap. Developing an editing policy and enriching the data through OSM means a map can be consulted and all routes enhanced. Here are the results!

We launch the ally app in Dar Es Salaam!

In August 2015, with Open Data we officially started routing in Dar Es Salaam. We cover Daladalas, Ferry and the soon to be working BRT. Check it out and stay tuned!

City Insights

Through the use of the app, our users help us understand their mobility needs. Through visualizing the data, we make sense of the challenges. Now you can see too!

Our Work

Success Stories

In collaboration with enthusiastic communities, we have successfully mapped the transport systems of their cities and visualised the first digital map of public transportation. Here are the stories.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Population: 1,361,000

Commuters on PT: 43%

Avg. commute time on PT: 120 minutes

Lusaka, Zambia

Population: 2,467,467

Commuters on PT: 10%

Avg. commute time on PT: > 60 minutes

Quito, Ecuador

Population: 2,239,191

Commuters on PT: 61.5%

Avg. Commuting time on PT: 60 minutes

Our Work

Current Projects

We're always collaborating with cities to better track their transport systems and improve the city map. Here are our current projects.

Duitama, Colombia

Population: 113,105

Commuters on PT: 60%

Avg. commute time on PT: 30 minutes

Where next?

What about you? Do you want to improve the public transport in your city? Let us know! We would love to collaborate!